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Ivana’s Three Children Had to Sign Off So She Could Be Buried in ‘Paupers Grave’ at Bedminster, Giving Their Father Huge Tax Breaks


If you were wondering if there were financial reasons surrounding Ivana Trump’s burial at Trump National Golf Club well wonder no more — because there were. Of course.

ProPublica took a look into this, and as you might guess, there are tax-related reasons for this seemingly weird move. Documents from the Trump Family Trust show the trust intended to designate a property in Hackettstown, New Jersey, as a non-profit cemetery company. Even though the golf course itself is located in Bedminster, some 20 miles away, Insider reports.

Ivana Trump, buried near the first hole of the golf course, is the first person to be buried on the Trump-owned golf course.

According to New Jersey’s state tax code, land that is listed for cemetery purposes is exempt from “all taxes, rates, and assessments,” per Insider, which also states:

“Cemetery companies are also specifically exempt from paying any real-estate taxes, rates, and assessments or personal property taxes on their lands, as well as business taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, and inheritance taxes.”

The New Jersey Law Revision Commission classifies a cemetery company as “a person, corporation, association, or other entity that owns or operates a cemetery, but does not include a religious organization that owns a cemetery which restricts burials to members of that religion or their families unless the organization has obtained a certificate of authority for the cemetery.”

Over the past decade, Trump has been working on plans for building a cemetery on the golf course. In 2012 NPR reported he was hoping to build a mausoleum for himself. But those plans subsequently changed and he amended his plans to build a cemetery on the course that could include upwards of 1000 potential graves.

Then that morphed into plans for creating a “10 plot private family cemetery” in the same location, The Washington Post reported in 2017. Then he amended that again, adding plans for a 284-plot cemetery, where gravesites could be listed for sale.

Doesn’t that all just sound cozy? Donald Trump finding ways to profit over the inevitable. That’s the kind of person he is.

Seems like his kids were on board with this as well. Since they are listed as her next of kin, they had to sign off on her burial on the golf course.

Now it’s not really a pauper’s grave, which is a grave paid for at public expense because the deceased person’s family could not afford one. The Trump’s did indeed pay for her to be buried. But I think the reason everyone is calling it that is because one, it just looks so sad, and two, because with the tax breaks, Bedminster is basically a tax-free cemetery as long as Ivana is buried there. Regardless, it’s creepy and thus far from what we’ve seen, very, very sad.

Quite a few people pointed out that the grave appeared to look like a pauper’s grave:

Ivana Trump died on July 14 at age 73 in her home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in what medical officials have ruled an accidental death after she sustained blunt force trauma to her torso.

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