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Johnny Depp Not So Innocent – Text Messages Emerge Suggesting Marilyn Manson Offered 18-Year-Old Girls To Depp While Still Married To Amber Heard


Johnny Depp Not So Innocent - Text Messages Emerge Suggesting Marilyn Manson Offered 18-Year-Old Girls To Depp While Still Married To Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is in the headliners and the limelight ever since the infamous trial between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard took place. The world judged even before the jury and the judge delivered the verdict and attacked Heard on all counts. She became a meme character and will continue to be one for quite some time now.

In a pursuit to dig up more dirt on Amber Heard, some Johnny Depp fans have paid $3000 to gain access to the not seen court documents from the case. However, what they found there is not what they expected. While they tried to dig up dirt on Amber Heard, they found themselves shocked by Johnny Depp’s conversation with one of his close friends – Marilyn Manson.  

Johnny Depp Might Be Not So Innocent – Text Messages Emerge Suggesting Relationship With Marilyn Manson While Still Married To Amber Heard – Marilyn Offers 18-Year-Old Girls To Depp

Apparently, the actor and the singer were very close during a period of their life. So close in fact that they were exchanging messages, speaking about unimaginable things.

In 2016, Manson sent an SMS message to Depp claiming he had issues in his current relationship. “I got an amber 2.0” – the message says.

Depp’s first recorded message to the singer comes after several weeks. He spoke about how he is about to cross the US-Canada border and how he will be in jail soon. The singer replied with several messages, and Manson’s reply to that is what left Depp’s fans in shock.

“In and in and out!!! X. Loving jew, my brother!!! I woke to two lovely photos of a man that seems to be capturing more than my attention…. Thank you for remembering… These little tokens keep my heart warm in your absence. I miss you my brother!!! We shal exchange precious bodily fluids!!! DON’T TAKE NO SHIT!!! Most important is to stay calm and not give her what she wants, which is, TO MAKE YOU SCREAM, FLIP OUT AND FEED HER NARCISSISM!!!” – the first part of the message says.

“Trust me… I been reading A LOT of material on that and sociopathic behavior… It is fucking real, my brother!!! My ex-c*nt is goddam TEXTBOOK!!! Should have read this shit earlier!!! They’re taking me to the stage now… Hit me when you can… Big gay love… Zippy, the Pinhead”

As shocking as it is, this is not the only message that had shocking content. Following this, Marilyn texted Depp on many occasions. On one occasion, Manson asked if he can crash at Depp’s place.

“Hey. You up? I may need to crash with you if I can. I’m coming to the F*ck pad tonight. Tight pants” – Manson wrote.

“Heyo. I’m gonna hobo spank you. Had a massive dramatic exodus of the it. But I’m ok. Can’t sleep. Just wanted to hear from my not gay boy.” – Manson says in the message.

Johnny Depp’s legal team fought fiercely for the court not to take into consideration his conversations with his friend Manson. They state that the messages would make Johnny seem guilty by association.

The messages are not included in the court hearings but remained in the documentation of the trial.

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