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Alex Jones Rips His Own ‘Damn Lawyers’ for Phone Leak


Alex Jones ripped into his own “damn lawyers” on his show after they accidentally provided the opposing counsel with a trove of personal messages and other documents.

The file dump was done in error nearly two weeks ago and provided lawyers representing Sandy Hook parents with years worth of the Infowars founder’s communications in the defamation trial.

Those parents are suing Jones for defamation over his previous claims the massacre was a false flag.

The stunning revelation the contents of his phone were released was presented to Jones Wednesday by an attorney in court.

“Did you know 12 days ago, your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you’ve sent for the past two years?” Mark Bankston told the conspiracy theorist.

Jones claimed in court he had never discussed the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on his phone, which apparently was not the case.

Later that evening, Jones raged about the error to his viewers.

“Bankston has deposed me, is it three or is it four times?” He asked himself, before he said, “And I’m been deposed four times by Connecticut, but I never talked to them, so I’m defaulted.”

“They’ve got all this stuff, and I did search one of my phones, and it didn’t have Sandy Hook stuff in it,” he said.

Jones said he went through his office for other devices, and offered to hand them over. One contained messages that apparently did mention the 2012 massacre.

“I wasn’t talking about Sandy Hook, I don’t care about Sandy Hook,” he said. Jones added:

And it’s just so incredibly sick that I sit there and give the damn lawyers all the text messages, and then they send it over to Connecticut. The Texas lawyers, before the new one I have, never even gave them the stuff I gave them. Or that’s what they claim.

And then, I’m sitting there the final witness in a trial where I’ve already been found guilty by the judge for not giving stuff over, and my lawyers give them the raw text messages of six months from 2019 [to] early 2020.

Watch above clip from Infowars, via David Edwards on Twitter.

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