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Fox News Analyst Hails ‘Hero’ Nancy Pelosi For Taiwan Trip


On America Reports with anchor John Roberts, Fox national security analyst Rebecca Grant broke down China’s military threat strategy of simulating a blockade of Taiwan, and credited Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s courage in visiting Taipei amid rising tensions.

Pelosi is the highest-ranking American official to visit Taiwan in the last 25 years, and China has mounted objections and threats against the speaker over the visit.

Republican leaders have praised the visit, while the White House has been very careful in their own comments.

The country reportedly mobilized forces near the coast of Taiwan in an effort to escalate tensions in response to Pelosi’s arrival.

On Thursday, it was reported that China fired multiple missiles in the direction of the waters surrounding Taiwan. This live-fire drill is intended to prove that China is not bluffing and seeks consequences to the welcoming of Pelosi.

Roberts noted that the military mobilization by China is “very provocative” and is “sending a very strong message to Taiwan.

Grant responded by arguing that this military strategy will not play out well for China:

China’s military power has expanded greatly and right now their objective is to show that military power can surround Taiwan and lockout the U.S. Or anybody else who might want to try to help Taiwan. John, this is going to backfire internationally. The Taiwanese will be disgusted with the show, with the missile trails arching over their skies. And now we’re really gonna see that China has this aggressive mindset. Remember Xi Jinping is also focused on his domestic audience back home.

The national security analyst added bluntly that Chinese President Xi Jinping “can’t afford a full-blown military crisis,” as he is attempting to get a third term in office in the fall.

Grant continued that “China, unfortunately, is also a little bit unpredictable,” she noted, “I think Nancy Pelosi is now practically a hero for giving a strong show of American resolve.”

“She was welcomed by the Taiwanese, said Grant “But there is no question–he [Xi Jinping] is the one that made China more aggressive.”

The national security analyst concluded by encouraging the United States to prepare Taiwan for a military clash with China:

Make no mistake, we have to get defenses into Taiwan now. They are already a strong military power. We have to help them prepare more. China is not really ready to do this seizure right now. They are trying to show they are closer. They are not really ready. We still have time to deter but we have to make a very strong strategic policy to deter this and make sure this is the worst we ever see.

Watch above via Fox News.

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