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Ivanka and Don Jr Sit For AG’s Deposition


Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. sat for their individual depositions as part of the New York Attorney General’s civil investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances after months of fighting in court. They were initially scheduled to answer questions in the AG’s probe in mid-July, but the deposition was postponed after their mother, Ivana Trump, died after a fall at her home in Manhattan.

Ivanka’s behind-closed-doors deposition took place Wednesday and Trump Jr. had his deposition last Thursday. Their father’s deposition has not yet been rescheduled, but Donald Trump is expected to sit for his own questioning before the end of the month.


In January, AG James’ office said it found “significant” evidence indicating the Trump Organization used false or misleading asset valuations in its financial statements to obtain loans, insurance, and tax benefits.

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CNN reports that by testifying and not using his Fifth Amendment privilege, Donald Trump Jr is particularly vulnerable to legal exposure. He was involved in several properties, including 40 Wall Street, and certified the accuracy of the financial statements from 2017 forward, the attorney general’s office has said. Ivanka Trump was a key liaison with Deutsche Bank, which loaned the Trump Organization more than $300 million. Neither Ivanka nor Don Jr invoked the Fifth Amendment, as their brother, Eric Trump, did over five hundred times when he sat for his own deposition last fall.

The depositions come at the same time Donald Trump’s lawyers are said to be in talks with the Department of Justice in connection with their criminal investigation into January 6th.

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