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Wife of Capitol Rioter with Longest Sentence Goes OFF on Media: Y’all Can Go to Hell!’


Guy Reffitt brought a gun to the Capitol during the riot. For that reason and others, he received the longest sentence (so far) of any rioter, over 80 months. His wife Nicole is in a fury and went on an insane rant. Transcript from Mediaite:

She began inside the courtroom:

This fight has just begun. Don’t take it. Please do not take a plea. They want us to take a plea. The reason that we have all guilty verdicts is they are making a point out of a guy, and that is to intimidate the other members of the one Sixers. And we will all fight together…

Guy was used as an example today to make all the One-Sixers take a plea. Do not take a plea. One-Sixers do not. We got this!

Reffitt’s sentence should probably make “One-Sixers” consider pleas. An ABC reporter then showed that Nicole Reffitt is a total hypocrite:

ALEX MALIN: Nicole, are you just saying this, though, for fundraising? Because even your husband in the sentencing hearing said that his past comments about the Justice for J-6 movement, that he essentially took all that back and that it was all, you know, a ruse to get fundraising for your family.

NICOLE REFFITT: Guys always wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to have a roof over our heads. I was a stay-at-home mother for 17 years, and that was a job I took seriously. And what guy said, under duress in there is one thing.l.

Guy Reffitt and family. His daughters now wants Trump jailed for life.

REPORTER: Nicole, you’re saying that it’s not true what he said in there? That he wasn’t doing those things in order to raise money for you guys?

NICOLE REFFITT: He didn’t say those things just to raise money for he said those things because he read the whole thing just because he wants him persecuted because of his ideology. And he had to backtrack in order to hope that the judge showed him some mercy.

And then, just to finish it off, to the entire press gathered:

This is what this is, is political persecution. We are patriots. Ashli Babbitt was a patriot. My husband is a patriot. Roseanne Boyland was a patriot. And all I can say is that y’all can all go to hell and I’m going back to Texas.”

“Political persecution.” We watched it on television!

****, @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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