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Alex Jones is Still Bill Hicks (Video) – Memory Hole Blog


“If you tell the truth you might be sued!”

Mack Quigley BitChute
August 5, 2022

An array of compelling forensic evidence suggesting that deceased comedian Bill Hicks became talk show host Alex Jones in the mid-1990s, in part under the supervision of videographer and entertainment manager Kevin Booth.

Same city. Same manager. Same eyes. Same facial features. Same dental profile. Same voice. Same age. Same show biz friends.

Has Alex Jones been a “Sandy Hook truther”? We beg to disagree. In 2015, for example, Jones and Infowars censored their own staff writer Adan Salazar when Salazar published sensitive information and photos related to the Sandy Hook massacre event included in a then-new book by Prof. Jim Fetzer.

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