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AEW Rampage Results: Madison Rayne Makes In-Ring Debut, Konosuke Takeshita Defeats Ryan Nemeth 24 Hours Ahead Of ROH World Championships Challenge (08/06)


Konosuke Takeshita is less than 24 hours away from this match against Claudio Castagnoli, but would still accept a match tonight on AEW Rampage against ‘The Hollywood Hunk’, Ryan Nemeth. Takeshita has a chance to get a good warm up here, but a match this close to a major title shot is always a risk – especially against someone like Castagnoli, who will be watching closely for any extra damage to Nemeth.

Konosukea Takeshita Is In Prime Shape

Nemeth would swing a lariat as Takeshita in the ring, but missed. Takeshita hit the ropes before the Takeshitaline would land. Ten downward punches in the corner would follow, before Peter Avalon would grab at the ankle of Takeshita from the floor.

Nemeth would take advantage, and go for a Rude Awakening – and was caught into a big Blue Thunder Bomb instead. Running knee to the face would follow, and Takeshita got a dominant victory. After the bell, Peter Avalon would attack – and was dropped with the jumping knee strike.

It was a short match, but showed just how explosive Takeshita is – and it could take just one big knee strike to get the victory tomorrow. This is the first televised victory of Takeshita in AEW, but his matches against the likes of Hangman Page & Eddie Kingston proved that he’s not someone to overlook.

Madison Rayne Makes Her AEW In-Ring Debut

The career of Madison Rayne is a storied one, being a five time Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. Now, she brings her skills to AEW – where she’s already set her sights on potentially challenging Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship. Rayne originally signed up to be the head coach of the women’s division, but tonight is ready to jump into this highly competitive women’s division.

Lelia Gray would be her opponent tonight – the interim baddie in Jade Cargills inner circle. They’d lock up in the middle of the ring, and Rayne was driven into the corner. A clean break was provided, before a trade of rear waist locks in the ring.

Rayne got cocky, and took an elbow to the face, before getting a two count off a Jacknife cover. Backslide would get another near fall, before Rayne got the armdrag. Stokely Hathaway would run a distraction on the outside, allowing Gray to get the cheap shot.

A snap suplex on the floor would keep the pressure on, before a rear chinlock was applied in the ring. Rayne would hit the jawbreaker before an enziguri – and got a two count off the Northern Lights Suplex. A ripcord stunner would be blocked, with Gray hitting the Side Effect for a two count. Rayne would hit Cross Raynes – and this one was over.

Jade Cargill would hit the ramp to call out Rayne, and invited Rayne to show up at Quake By The Lake to challenge for the TBS Championship. Keira Hogan would attack from behind, but Cross Rayne would land again.

Will Madison Rayne claim the TBS Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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