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Disgraced Papa John’s Founder Says It Was His ‘Conservative Values’ that Made His Pizzas So Good


It is too bad that when it comes to national pizza chains, progressives almost have to knock two off the list immediately. Both Dominos and Papa Johns were founded by horrible people, or – at least in the case of Domino’s Tom Monaghan; someone so anti-choice that he founded an institute. But at least Monaghan wasn’t an abject racist, along with being politically conservative. No, that was Ex-Papa John’s CEO and founder, John Schnatter. Schnatter is the guy who came up with “Better ingredients, better pizza,” as if he just cracked the code to good food. Schnatter is also the one who came up with the idea of putting butter on pizza… just don’t.

Schnatter has long since been kicked out of the company for being a racist, right-wing troll, using the n-word. But now he wants us to know that it wasn’t “better ingredients” that made his pizzas better (Which they were not. If one must go with chain pizza, Pizza Hut’s classic pan pizza is still far and away the best), Schnatter says it was his conservative MAGA values that made his pizzas better.

According to Yahoo News:

He touched on the company’s pizza once getting top rankings among the pizza chains before claiming its pies are now “down with Little Caesars.”

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold up there, John. Little Ceasar’s thin crust pepperoni pizza for $7.25 is a pretty damn good pizza (for a chain) and is one-half to two-thirds less money than your sh*tty pizza.

In Early 2021, the Papa John’s Pizza Founder Says He’s Tried For 20 Months To Rid His Vocabulary Of N-Word

Schnatter said that quality, service, and culture drive a business before suggesting one ingredient that made Papa John’s successful.

“We built the whole company on conservative values. Conservative ideology has two of the most critical attributes: truth and God,” Schnatter said.

“If you run your life on principle… you’re going to win.”

And his statement is entirely self-proving. He had absolutely no principles as an openly racist MAGA troll, and the board kicked him out as CEO. He lost. And no one needed butter for pizza. Some of us will never forgive him for having a cup of butter to dip the crust in.

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