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Far-Right’s New Favorite Podcaster Says Hunter Biden Is “Like A Black Guy…He Smokes Crack”


Alex Stein has suddenly become a top favorite of right-wing extremists after filming himself sexually harassing a Democratic legislator on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. In his desperate quest to become relevant by ‘triggering’ liberals, he’s making it clear there is no depth to which he won’t sink. Despite this, MAGA politicians seem to adore him, and want to cozy up to him, inviting him on their podcasts and to CPAC.

[Screenshot via Marjorie Taylor Greene/Truth Social]

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a longstanding issue with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and since Stein went viral for shouting vulgarities at Ocasio-Cortez, she’s been particularly fond of him. As seen above, she’s very proud of her friendship with him. She’s had him on her podcast to join her in attacks on AOC, in fact.

So, what is Stein saying that’s getting him all this adoration from politicians like Representative Greene? Well, one of his takes is that Hunter Biden smokes crack and that this makes him “like a Black guy.”

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“Hunter Biden is, kind of, like a Black guy,” Stein declares. “I mean, he smokes crack.”

He quickly backpedals, but only a little — “I mean, I’m not saying all Black people smoke crack. Black people are associated with the crack epidemic.”

Ultimately, instead of apologizing or correcting the bigotry in his statement, he chooses to focus on the attack on Biden. His defense of his statement is just to repeat and insist, “He smokes crack! This was 2018! All I said was everybody knows he smokes crack. So, you know what, Hunter Biden’s leaning into the crackhead role.”

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