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Anne Heche Posted Podcast Episode Joking About Drinking


In an audio clip from Anne Heche’s podcast Better Together released just hours before her fiery car crash, the actress joked about drinking both vodka and wine to deal with a bad day.

Heche was hospitalized earlier this week after crashing her car into two separate homes, leaving the second engulfed in flames. TMZ reported that Heche was acting erratically as she was removed from her car and suffered severe burns to her body.

The actress was allegedly driving at dangerously high speeds when the accident occurred. Heche is reportedly in stable condition after over 50 firefighters helped to extract her from the car, as well as extinguish the fire.

On Sunday, CNN’s Pamela Brown brought on reporter Chloe Melas to share the audio clip from Heche’s podcast that was obtained by CNN.

Melas noted that a representative for Heche tells CNN that they are asking for “prayers” and “privacy,” during this time.

“She is still hospitalized, and as far as we know,” continued Melas, “authorities have not been able to interview her yet about what led up to this crash.”

In the audio clip from the podcast, the actress says “Today has been a very unique day,” adding that ” Sometimes days just suck.”

Heche continued that she was a “bit shaken,” saying that she was going to “drink some vodka and wine.”

Since the crash, the podcast episode has been removed from Apple. It is unclear whether the podcast was recorded on the day of the crash or on a prior day.

Additionally, according to CNN, there was an individual in one of the homes that Heche crashed into. A source told the network that Heche’s car landed just a few feet away from the person when it went through the home. Luckily this individual was not injured.

Watch above via CNN

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