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A Blaze TV Host Calling For the Execution of COVID Officials


Blaze TV host Steve Deace called for “Nuremberg Trial” justice for leaders involved in the COVID pandemic response.

Deace was on The Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, to talk about his new book, Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again.

BECK: I don’t think the average person has a problem that they, uh, came up with this vaccine. The problem is, they hid the results. They hid the side effects. So you couldn’t even ask a question. And then on top of that, they forced everybody to have it.

And that’s what the Nuremberg trial is really all about. Is it not? Not just, ‘Hey, we have this idea. We’re trying to help.’ It’s the fact that they are lying to you, hiding things, and then forcing you to do it.

DEACE: Correct. How come the FDA wanted to wait 75 years to show you what was actually inside these jabs and what the actual testing results showed? How come? How come they wanted that concealed and fodded in federal court to conceal that for 75 years? There’s no benign and innocent explanation for that.

In addition to the FDA, Deace listed more oddities in the COVID pandemic, including the viruses origin and discrepancies in vaccine data, eventually explaining the importance of seeking justice for COVID wrongdoing.

DEACE: What you’re gonna find is there aren’t any benign and innocent explanations for any of this. And that’s why there must be justice. They will do worse. They will continue doing this.

Washington D.C. is telling kids — New York City’s telling kids, ‘You can’t come to school unless you allow your child to be an experimental cadaver,’ despite all this other data for children around the world.

We’re just supposed to ignore what is going on with excess deaths week after week after week in the UK with COVID basically over there. Why is that happening? Okay. And that, and it’s above the averages of the total excess debts that they were suffering as a country pre COVID.

Again, Deace reiterated his calls for justice and accountability.

DEACE: And so we need to have justice. There must be justice. And if there is not justice, not just hearings — justice. There must be trials, there must be penalties, there must be Nuremberg like trials with Nuremberg like punishments. Because it will happen again. It’s happening again now. And it will happen again and again and again, unless these people are punished.

Beck then pressed back, asking Deace about the “Nuremberg like punishments” he had just referenced.

BECK: When you say Nuremberg style punishments — that’s execution.

DEACE: Yes. I am saying that. I mean — what else would we say for causing — for lying at this level of biomedical fascism, this level of destruction, this level of carnage.

The BlazeTV host coauthored, Rise of the Fourth Reich, alongside Conservative Review cofounder, Daniel Horowitz. According to Amazon, it will be released in February 2023.

Deace announced the book, Wednesday morning on Twitter, saying, “What we’ve endured the last 28 months is the worst evil in our history. And it’s ongoing. And they’ll do it again, and more, unless we stop it. Today we launch pre-orders at our attempt to do just that — make it stop. It is time for Nuremberg 2.0.”

Listen above via The Glenn Beck Program.

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