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House Republican Warns of ‘Another’ Jan. 6 After Trump Raid


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A person described as a “senior House Republican” told Politico Wednesday there are legitimate fears an event such as the Jan. 6 Capitol attack could occur in the wake of an FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home.

Trump’s personal residence in Palm Beach, Florida was tossed by the FBI Monday in a reported search for missing presidential documents. Some of them were said to have contained classified information.

Trump announced the raid on his social media platform, TRUTH Social, and conservatives online and on cable news were quick to defend him.

Allegations the Justice Department was unfairly targeting Trump in what was deemed a political hit job were also lobbed.

Within hours of the news breaking, Trump supporters showed up outside of Mar-a-Lago to show their support. Simultaneously, an uptick in online threats toward DOJ officials was reported.

CNN noted Tuesday the words “civil war” were tweeted more than one time per second on Monday evening.

One senior Republican, who spoke to Politico anonymously, said the tension is palpable in the conservative movement.

“The base has lost its mind,” the lawmaker said. “If Trump decides to call them to arms, then I think he could get another Jan. 6.”

The comment was offered for a report about a GOP plan to use Hinter Biden to “ensnare Joe Biden ahead of a potential reelection bid,” Politico’s Jordain Carney wrote.

Carney further reported:

House Republicans see no contradiction between their suspicion of the FBI’s law enforcement activity at Mar-a-Lago and their interest in digging into the business dealings of the president’s son and other family members.

Oversight of the Bidens, they contend, would counterbalance what they see as a Justice Department where partisanship influences decisions like the probe of 2020 election subversion that’s drawing closer to Trump.

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