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Hysteria on Monkeypox ‘More Egregious’ Than HIV


Chris Cuomo considers the craziness surrounding monkeypox, more troubling than the reaction to the HIV crisis in the 80’s.

In a clip getting plenty of Twitter play in a Nicholas Fondacaro tweet, Cuomo shared his thoughts on the monkeypox response during the Thursday edition of his podcast, The Chris Cuomo Project.

HIV wasn’t about being gay. Imagine if back then, we had seen it for what it was, how much faster there’d be the cures now that change people’s lives that save people’s lives. Imagine.

So that was the past, right? We’re so much more woke now. We’re so much more tolerant, right? Nope. We are here once again, woke is everywhere, right? Sure. But why are gays being blamed for monkeypox?

Well, most of the cases here involve men who have sex with men, right? That’s what we call them now. Men who have sex with men that used to be just gay.

Cuomo then pointed out the issues arising from political correctness.

Here’s my problem with that. Is there more expansive identity and a realization of it now? Maybe, but I think in this political correctness, we are losing substantive correctness. Okay. Cause I don’t care what you call people in this community, in that category, but you’re not treating them the right way.

Cause you’re making it seem as though how they act is why they’re getting sick. And we don’t know that. We don’t know that. I don’t care what you wanna call the group. I want you to treat them with respect and have clear eyes about what happens to them and whether or not it can happen to anybody.

Additionally, he shared his thoughts about the hysteria surrounding monkeypox in comparison with the 80’s HIV/AIDS crisis.

Gays were blamed for HIV the same way — the talk started the same way this monkeypox stuff is. This time I actually believe it’s more egregious. Here’s why — One, we’ve been through it before and we should have learned, but we didn’t.

And two, scientifically monkeypox has nothing to do with sexual transmission. We don’t know that. It’s not designated as an STD comes from close contact. Yeah. But not necessarily sexual contact.

Look it up. So, we didn’t learn and we’re doing it again because of this temptation to “otherize,” do we know why gay men are getting it more than others or men who have sex with other men? Is it because of the sex? Do we know that? Well, we do know that the cases are mostly in that community — fair point, but why is that?

Cuomo concluded that perhaps the cases were rising amongst gay men because that demographic is proactively getting tested more regularly than other groups.

Why do we just jump to the conclusion it’s because of how they behave? Maybe it’s that they’re more health conscious. Maybe it’s because those communities are getting tested more frequently. So we’re, evidencing the cases.

Listen above via The Chris Cuomo Project.

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