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Both Jared Kushner and Melania Trump Have Been Suggested as Possible ‘Moles’ in FBI Raid — And Trump is Panicking


Something interesting has popped up that I really hadn’t considered before — but the purported FBI informant(s) that gave the FBI the necessary information to conduct the raid at Mar-a-Lago may be really high-level people. Like, possibly Donald Trump’s wife Melania, or his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Pretty trippy, right?

As we already know, the raid was an attempt to recover classified documents that were transported to former President Trump’s home after he left the White House in 2021. All in all, 20 boxes containing 11 sets of classified records were retrieved, Forbes reports.

According to The Wall Street Journal, someone met with the FBI at Mar-a-Lago in June, and this person had knowledge of the stored files and also told agents there may additional classified documents stored at the famed golf club.

George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s estranged husband, who’s well-known as a conservative lawyer tweeted a response to the Journal report, wanting to know who “CI-1” is, according to The Independent.

Apparently, in federal court lingo, CI-1 refers to the initial mention of confidential information in a court filing.

And Newsweek is reporting that the Mar-a-Lago raid is largely based on a confidential human source, in regards to what classified documents Trump was still harboring at his Florida home. Officials also told Newsweek the raid was scheduled to happen when Trump wasn’t home.

“I know that there is much speculation out there that this is political persecution, but it really is the best and worst of the bureaucracy in action,” one official told Newsweek. “They wanted to punctuate the fact that this was a routine law enforcement action, stripped of any political overtones, and yet got exactly the opposite.”

Frankly, given all the media attention around this attenuated circus, I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t see this any other way. Obviously, this has legal, not political overtones but it’s such a hot-button issue that most people are likely to view it that way. But that’s just my thinking, anyway.

In response to Conway’s tweet, former assistant FBI director and head of the counterintelligence Peter Strzok responded, “And -2? And -3? So much paranoia in a mole hunt, no one to trust, so much to do, so much to lose, so many walls closing in so fast. Also might be [Melanie].”

Rick Wilson, who co-founded The Lincoln Project alongside Conway, in an interview with MSNBC, discussed the group’s new ad, which is being aired in the area around Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.

The ad speculates about the identity of the informant who made it possible for the FBI to conduct the raid.

“We knew that Donald Trump would try to gaslight the entire country and try to psychologically destabilize the minute this raid happened,” Wilson said. “We knew he would immediately start lying and they would immediately try to tell an alternative narrative of why it’s happening and why it’s really happening. And we wanted to immediately push back. And something  we’re good at — which is getting inside his decision cycle and getting inside his head space and pushing back in a way that we’ve been very, very successful in the past.”

That led MSNBC’s John Heilemann to ask Wilson who he thinks may have flipped.

“I think there were a lot of stories a few weeks ago about Jared and Ivanka trying to back away from Trump and trying to start their own brand, essentially break away from Trump and the Trump orbit,” Wilson responded. “I think Jared Kushner has a great paranoia for reasons to do with his family’s past. He doesn’t ever want to ever go to jail. I suspect that the FBI and folks have a persuasive argument there that he should talk.”

But Wilson also said there are scores of possible suspects.

“They know they’re imminently ready to be thrown under the bus,” Wilson said. “So it could be any one of them. Which is kind of the point we were making. And look, I could have made a longer spot than 60 seconds and told a more complete story. But look, they’re always like crabs in a bucket down there in Mar-a-Lago. They’re always fighting with each other. They’re always competing with each other and they’re always looking to protect themselves. So someone is protecting themselves in a pool right now.”

And according to Rolling Stone, Trump is trying to find out who the snitcher is. Well, I wish him the best of luck, I hope it takes up all of his time so that the FBI and Merrick Garland can carry on with the rest of their work.

I’ve included the Lincoln Project’s hilarious ad below.

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