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CNN Correspondent Implies Trump is the Warrant Leaker


CNN senior justice correspondent Evan Perez implied former President Donald Trump leaked a copy of the search warrant for his home to Breitbart News.

Perez did not name either Breitbart or Trump while discussing the topic, but as CNN Tonight host Laura Coates pointed out, the names of two FBI agents who signed off on the warrant are public.

Their names were published in a report on the warrant by Breitbart on Friday afternoon, which was obtained unredacted.

The Department of Justice petitioned to publicize documents relating to the search that were redacted, presumably to protect the identities of agents involved in the raid

“There’s been an unprecedented number of threats in the wake of that search, including threatening against the two agents who signed the court documents,” Coates said. “First of all, why do people know the names of those two agents? Because it was supposed to have been redacted.”

Given the documents obtained by Breitbart contained the names of personnel on the ground at Mar-a-Lago, Perez concluded the genesis of the identity leaks came from once place: Trump, or someone in his orbit.

Without naming the former president, Perez responded:

It was redacted. It was redacted by the court when the document was released. However, before it was released by the court, before it was officially released someone – I think we know who – managed to get it to right wing news organizations, and at least one of them published a document in total, including the names of those federal agents who were simply doing their job.

Perez also complained about the leaks of the agents’ identities.

“They went there to do their job, and then the former president’s social media platform pushed out that information, so, now it’s everywhere among his supporters,” he said. “And of course predictably, those people are now having to be protected because there are threats against them.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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