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Sean Hannity Suggests Trump Could Still Run for President from Prison


That didn’t take long. Sean Hannity has gone from “Trump did nothing wrong” to “We could elect him anyway,” in a matter of 24 hours. It would seem as though Sean recognizes the gravity of the situation.

Hannity wants you to know that it is the Constitution that sets out the qualifications for running and being president, and the Constitution doesn’t exclude “Florida retirees who sell state nuclear weapons secrets to the Saudis (and/or Russians, North Koreans), for profit. (Just a guess, no proof yet). We are going to have to forgive the framers for never having to conceive of a movement that didn’t care if its leader sold the country out, so long as he sold the libtards out first!

Hannity has adjusted his argument, you might note, from Media Matters:

Do you think that they would try and indict the former president in the hopes of convicting him and having him in jail at the time of the next election to prevent him from running?

Because a conviction by the way, constitutionally, would not prevent him from running for office.

You know, this code that is being cited by Marc Elias and all these other people negates the very enumerated qualifications in the Constitution and the specific requirements for somebody not to be eligible to run, and that would be impeachment and conviction.

Sean is bringing up an argument that has actually been forced to the surface lately. There are a lot of laws that say that anyone who has been convicted of this or that crime is ineligible for office. Yet, others counter that the Constitution itself lays out who is eligible to be president, and thus, any law trying to narrow that category is unconstitutional.

This is where the United States stands. We are arguing about whether a man imprisoned (hypothetically) for selling state secrets could still be eligible to be president. That says one hell of a lot about the MAGA religion and their panic in an attempt to determine whether to continue to follow this religion, embodied in one man… proven to be a traitor (presumably, for the sake of Sean’s argument).


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