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Former VP Pence Aide Spills On Lax Handling Of Classified Docs In Trump White House


Handling classified documents is an earned privilege, permitted to those who receive clearance only after completing extensive background checks and meeting other requirements. In fact, one thing that the recent political cycles seems to have revealed is that the easiest way to get this access might just be by becoming the President of the United States. Now, a former top aide to Vice President Mike Pence is revealing exactly why it’s so important that these documents are only accessible to those who have earned the trust of the American people.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Olivia Troye says that there are a lot of protocols in place for handling classified documents, and in fact, even if someone was going to move classified material from one room to another in the White House, it would be typical to place them in a locked document bag. However, in the Trump White House, this isn’t how things went down. In fact, she even remembers finding classified material left behind by apparent mistake in the ladies’ room.

“Look, it is a known thing. People would carry documents around, especially political appointees. Traditionally you would put it in a pouch, and you would secure it, and you would lock the pouch, and then carry it. That’s not what was the norm in the [Trump-era] White House, and I do think that there are numerous situations where you would see this kind of behavior…For those of us who have clearance, again, you do have a responsibility to protect the information. That means you don’t carry it home and store it for whatever number of months in an unclassified facility…The bottom line is that information is stored and should be carried properly and secured, because it could put lives at risk if that information gets into the wrong hands.”

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