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Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets Something So Ridiculous and Hypocritical That Twitter Nearly Explodes


Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a uniquely awful person. In a perverse way, she has a certain genius creativity by which she can be a terrible person. Whether it is chasing down David Hoag, “liking” people that want to take Nancy Pelosi out for good, or just kicking a very young woman excited to be engaging in the political process, Taylor-Greene is aggressively awful.

But her awfulness in this tweet below goes next level, and not just because she kicked the young woman on the same day she issued this tweet. Marjorie says that government employees who do not serve the people should be fired. This is subtle, but she is working on something much larger here.

Republicans are making a big push to allow the president (or his/her person in a cabinet position or agency) to fire a person without cause. This is a huge part of the MAGA plan for a possible 2024 term, and it really doesn’t matter if it is Trump (though he’d be the worst) or DeSantis. Both would use such a “fire away” policy to empty the government of experienced people and stuff it with loyalists.

This would not only clear the path for possible fascism. It would weaken the United States internationally. Trump’s special target is the intelligence community as enemy number one, FBI Counter-Intelligence, DOJ, NSA, CIA, DNI, DHS.  Remember, it was Dan Coats, Trump’s own DNI, who wondered “What Putin had over him” during the Helsinki conference. It would not surprise anyone if Trump initiated another policy that perfectly aligns with Putin’s dream.

So it isn’t surprising that Marjorie Taylor-Greene, the person who is Trump’s most useful tool in Congress, the woman involved with planning January 6th before she was sworn into Congress, is now getting ahead of the “fire without cause” issue by vaguely noting that someone gets to decide who is or who is not serving the American people and fire them based on that alone.

That Marjorie released such an awful tweet on the day that she kicked an American is – again, creative genius Marjorie:

As you can imagine, Twitter just had no patience for her:


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