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Blueface Fights & Knocks Out His Girlfriend Chrisean Rock’s Dad


Blueface Knocks Out His Girlfriend Chrisean Rock’s Dad

Industry’s toxic couple Chrisean Rock and Blueface are in the news again. Rock got fans surprised after revealing on her Instagram story that her boyfriend Blueface knocked out her dad.

“So my boyfriend knocked my dad out. Da family stuff didn’t go well. Ion even know what’s going on,” Rock wrote adding red heart emoji].”

Fans over on Twitter began to circulate footage from the incident. One viral video showed the aftermath of the incident, which occurred at a Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore, MD — where Chrisean Rock is native to.

Apparently Blueface and Chrisean, who are filming a new reality show on Zeus Network, were planning to meet her family for an episode. Hence why she said, things with the family “didn’t go well.”

In a second viral clip, a bystander captures the moment Chrisean’s father is seen knocked on the floor. The bystander recording the incident repeatedly said, “Oh sh*t, Blueface just knocked his a** out. Blueface just ran down on him. Sh*t, he just knocked his a** out. Oh sh*t.”

After the viral footage made its rounds, on top of Chrisean’s viral Instagram Story, a relative of hers decided to take to her own IG Story and slam Chrisean over the incident.

The young woman, named Destiny, said, “Chrisean you’re really green asf. Y’all on some weird a** b*tch a** sh*t like COME FIGHT ME!! And f**k all y’’all. No need for names. Y’all know who exactly who tf y’all are!”

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