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Trump Has a ‘Classified’ Folder Behind Glass in His Trump Tower Wine Bar, Proving ‘Contemptuous Attitude for Rules’


A new report in Huffington Post says that Trump is now simply taunting the FBI and intelligence community in an arrogant attempt to puff his chest out and brag that the rules simply don’t apply to him. In his wine bar in Trump Tower, he has a “classified” folder behind glass. It is presumably empty.

An empty folder marked “Classified” and a Situation Room brochure on display at a Trump Tower bar further expose Donald Trump’s “contemptuous” attitude toward the law and U.S. security issues, charged the leader of a national watchdog organization.

“It’s a really cavalier approach to a serious national security system and issues,” Noah Bookbinder, president of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told HuffPost on Friday. “It shouldn’t be treated lightly. There’s a reason this is taken very seriously.” The display in the former president’s building underscores his “contemptuous attitude” about the national security system and his belief that he “doesn’t have to follow the rules,” Bookbinder said.

A folder marked “Classified” and “Evening Summary” and a Situation Room brochure are on display at the bar in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan.MARY PAPENFUSS/HUFFPOST

The folder marked “Classified” on a red banner with the presidential seal and an “Evening Summary” label has been on display for several months behind glass in the 45 Wine and Whiskey Bar in the lobby of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan. The display also includes several huge photos of Trump and copies of letters and notes to and from the former president.

The Situation Room brochure on display in Trump Tower is marked “unclassified” but FOUO: “for official use only.”MARY PAPENFUSS/HUFFPOST

Not just contemptuous but just so full of himself. It is akin to the Time magazine covers that never existed. Yes, classified files exist but that’s hardly because of him, nor anything to taunt. A lot of the information that comes in those files comes from people who risked their lives or risk jail to get it to the United States.

Oh, and “Situation Room”? Just another example of Trump’s presidency as a television show.


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