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Social Media on Fire Over Jon Voight Getting All Emotional During Trump Interview


Jon Voight says he once heard a story about a groundskeeper at one of Trump’s golf courses, the groundskeeper’s son had cancer and that Donald Trump said that he would pay for the medical care, the – “I’ll take care of it.” It made Jon Voight tear up. Not the kid with cancer, Voight teared up over the “billionaire” who offered to pay for the kid’s cancer treatment. If Donald Trump paid for the kid’s cancer care, that would be a nice thing to do.

On the other hand, when Donald Trump pays millions a year to keep his personal 757 fueled and air-worthy, it takes a bit away from the pledge to pay a few hundred thousand for the kid’s cancer treatment. Charity is great, but let’s not forget that Donald Trump is no longer able to run a licensed charity in New York. Perspective. Maybe one shouldn’t assume that Trump paid anything? Second, is there some reason that the groundskeeper didn’t have health insurance that would pay for the child’s cancer treatment? That might be worth looking into before one tears up.

But here’s Voight, and he just can’t help himself, being in the presence of such a generous man:

And the Trump smirk, like, “You fell for it, too?” Sucker born every minute. The same smirk was on Trump’s face when interviewed by Don Jr. during his presidency like he was almost embarrassed that his kid believed this stuff.

It was then time for the great one to speak (This was approaching the end of the interview, one in which there was clapping in the background, which says something about the “interviewers.”) Listen to this “word salad.” It is almost like Trump doesn’t know what to say:

There are no “I kind of like Trump,” types out there. The only ones left are the ones that see him as a deity of some kind. Voight certainly qualifies, and Twitter nailed him for it:


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