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Dog the Bounty Hunter Says ‘Cheater’ Biden Could Unalive Himself After GOP Wins the Midterms


Duane Chapman, who most of us know as Dog the Bounty Hunter decided to bring the craycray when he spoke at the “Opening The Heavens” conference earlier this month. He’s confident that Republicans will sweep the 2022 midterm elections and at one point said President Joe Biden may commit su*cide if that happens.

Look, I said he was confident, I didn’t say he was smart.

On Twitter, the video was flagged by Right Wing Watch, and Chapman, who’s well-known for his show Dog the Bounty Hunter, called out election “cheaters” supposedly in the government and apparently suggested Biden may commit suicide after the election and thus comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

“If you remember, Hitler committed suicide. You know why?” he asked the audience. “Because he was caught. You know what’s going to happen? They’re going to catch these cheaters, and I’m not saying with my mouth or my tongue that he’s going to commit suicide, but you never know.”

He also at one point called Biden a “freak” and said he “stole” the 2020 presidential election, parroting evidence-free claims that former President Donald Trump likes to make on Truth Social and at rallies. Like so many of the Trump faithful, Chapman said he prayed after the 2020 presidential election and asked why God would allow Biden to beat Trump.

“I prayed, Lord, why have you led us this way? Why did you let that freak steal the election?” he asked the audience.

Then he called Biden “little Hitler” when he was discussing the election.

“There’s nothing we could have done about it. Not at all … because now, little Hitler, we are going to show you God’s manifestation,” he told the cheering audience.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hilarious that Chapman calls Biden a “freak” and “Hitler” considering the last president we were all forced to deal with.

Here’s Chapman spewing nonsense below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch on Twitter.

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