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aespa With vs Without Makeup: How Does Each Member Look?


Ever since aespa made their debut under SM Entertainment back in November 2020, the four members have been in the spotlight for not only their addicting songs, their futuristic concept, but also for their CG-like visuals. With their ever-growing popularity, aespa cemented themselves as a one of the top idols among the fourth generation.

But beneath their flawless makeup, the aespa members prove why they are one of the top idols in terms of visuals. With that, check out how Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing look when they aren’t heating up the stage to the next level.

How Does Each aespa Member Look With vs Without Makeup?

1. Karina

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Karina with makeup

Karina has undoubtedly captured the attention of both K-pop fans and non-fans for her stunning visuals. When she is promoting, Karina’s visuals is heightened with her flawless skin that makes her look like a real-life, animated character. When it comes to her makeup, Karina usually sports glitters, with her makeup focusing on her eyes and lips.

Karina’s eye makeup when she is performing contains light eyeshadows in nude and pink tones, along with a good amount of glitter and gems, and a long eyeline. She usually accompanies this with lipsticks in shades of red, pink, and coral. Karina’s blush is also usually the same shade as her lipstick.

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aespa Karina

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Karina without makeup

But when Karina is off stage, the “Black Mamba” hitmaker tones her makeup down by omitting the glitters. And when she isn’t wearing any makeup, Karina continues to show off her flawless visuals that isn’t much different from her visuals with makeup. No wonder she was an ulzzang pre-debut!

2. Winter

aespa Winter

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Winter with makeup

For Winter, the idol radiates a cute, yet fierce aura when she has makeup. During aespa’s promotions, Winter usually has a more simpler makeup. Compared to the other members, Winter’s eyeshadow is on the lighter side, with emphasis on her eyes and lip makeup.

Her eye makeup usually consists of a lighter shade in eyeshadow, which is paired with a long eyeliner to accentuate her eyes. Winter’s makeup also includes glitters and sequences, which are usually seen on her bottom eyelashes. Although her blush is usually faint, she makes up for this by wearing a bold lip color.

aespa Winter

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Winter without makeup

For when Winter is relaxing and doesn’t have a schedule, her visuals turn even more cute and innocent! Her no-makeup visuals radiate young and carefree, that is equally as charming as her look when she is heating up the stage.

3. Giselle

aespa Giselle

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Giselle with makeup

When it comes to Giselle, she presents a sexy, yet innocent charm when she is promoting with aespa. When she is busy performing on stage, Giselle’s makeup puts emphasis on her big eyes that can capture anyone’s attention, and usually tones down other her lips and cheeks to create a perfect balance.

Giselle’s eye makeup is a bit on the heavier side as compared to her other members, such that her eyeliner is the focus of it. While Giselle does put on eyeshadow, glitters, and sequences, this is usually less as she puts on a thicker and longer eyeliner. For her lips, it is usually in the pink and nude tones.

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aespa Giselle

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa Giselle without makeup

However, Giselle isn’t afraid to flaunt her makeup-free visuals. In fact, she is the member who often shares photos of herself without any makeup. When she isn’t wearing any makeup, Giselle still looks glowing as ever. Many can’t help but love her clear skin!

4. NingNing

aespa NingNing

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa NingNing with makeup

And lastly, NingNing. When she is attending performances and schedules with aespa, NingNing is the member with the heaviest and more darker makeup as compared to the others. With her makeup look, NingNing radiates a more sexy and mature vibe.

NingNing’s eye makeup usually consists of a smokey eyeshadow in brown, pink, and red tones. She also accompanies this with a dark, winged eyeliner to give her a cat-like look. NingNing also likes to go for a bright lipstick, which are usually in the shades of pink and red.

aespa NingNing

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)
aespa NingNing without makeup

But when NingNing removes all of her makeup, she manages to maintain a sexy aura with her bare face. However, she still radiates a youthful glow. No wonder many can’t help but fall in love with NingNing’s visuals on and off stage!

What do you think of the members’ visuals when they have makeup versus without it?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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