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bitchy | The Prince & Princess of Wales talked about rainbows with Windsor staff


Here are more photos from the Prince and Princess of Wales’s outing yesterday at Windsor Castle. I say “outing” like they actually went somewhere – they technically live at Adelaide Cottage in the Windsor estate, so they just had a brief drive over to the castle to greet castle workers and volunteers who worked on QEII’s funeral. There was some kind of meet-and-greet inside the castle, which is where these photos come from. Honestly, there’s a tone problem and there’s been a tone problem the whole time? Not to tone-police the Windsors, but can they actually look sad about QEII’s passing? Kate and William were yukking it up at this event, and they’ve had the same cat-that-ate-the-canary look for two solid weeks.

Meanwhile, I guess we have to talk about the rainbows? Ever since QEII passed, there have tons of rainbows all over Scotland and England. When the first one appeared, I argued that it was Princess Diana hollering “gay rights!” But Kate thinks differently:

Kate Middleton is sharing a personal moment following the death of Queen Elizabeth. While meeting with volunteers and operational staff who helped organize the committal service for the Queen on Monday, the Princess of Wales, 40, said the royal family felt the late monarch’s presence when five rainbows astonishingly appeared over Balmoral Castle the day after she died.

“In Scotland, how many rainbows turned up?” Prince William asked his wife at Windsor Guildhall on Thursday. “You hardly ever see rainbows up there, but there were five.”

“Her Majesty was looking down on us,” Princess Kate replied.

Rainbows similarly broke through the crowds at two other historic U.K. landmarks in recent days. Shortly before Queen Elizabeth’s death was announced on Sept. 8, a double rainbow broke through the clouds over Buckingham Palace. The day before her funeral, on Sept. 18, another rainbow ignited the sky over the Palace of Westminster, as the Queen’s coffin was lying in state.

[From People]

Sure. People can believe what they want, I’m not the Rainbow Police. I do believe it was more about Diana though!

Additionally, William and Kate have made zero plans to visit Wales? I think that’s weird, especially for the new Prince and Princess of Wales. No one is expecting the palace to organize the investiture in a week, but surely William and Kate could stop by Wales?

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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