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Ted Cruz Says Video of Joe Biden Appearing Physically Lost is ’Terrifying’… ’This is our Commander in Chief’


President Joe Biden spoke at the Global Fund Conference in New York on Wednesday, at an event that was aimed at fighting AIDS, HIV as well as other diseases. At the conclusion of Biden’s speech he looks off to the side of the stage and starts to walk away. He pauses and stops then looks back towards the podium with his hands raised.

The look on his face and his movements give the impression that he is lost on stage. He points down and says something to someone. A speaker says “Mister President Thank You”, this is when Joe Biden spins around to look at the other side of the stage.

The awkward video of the president became viral. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared the video captioning it “Terrifying. This is our Commander in Chief.” The video was already labeled with the question “Is Biden lost?”

Videos of the president stumbling, mumbling, falling on stairs, and even falling off his bike are all over the internet. Many including Fox News Laura Ingram enjoy poking fun at Biden’s confusion, gaffes, and missteps.

In the video below Ingram goes over the video with Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo.

While many like to make light of the numerous missteps by the president others seem to find it alarming, as he is the figurehead for our country and our representation to the world. When questions come up about Biden’s cognitive abilities they are brushed off.

Joe Biden has had two aneurysms which only adds to some people’s worries about his mental abilities.

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