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The Truth About OJ Simpson’s Relationship With His Father Jimmy Lee Simpson


According to O.J. Simpson’s childhood friend, Calvin Tennyson, he and O.J. discovered Jimmy Lee was gay during an accidental encounter. As reported by the Daily Mail, Tennyson said, “One day we went over to his dad’s house … And when his dad opened the door, he was in a bathrobe … then his dad kind of opened the door more, and there was a guy in the back in a bathrobe.”

Tennyson said the entire situation was awkward and tense, but he and O.J. eventually laughed about it. However, Tennyson said it “was obvious that [O.J.’s] dad was gay.” As reported by the Daily Mail, Tennyson eventually told Joe Bell, who was friends with him and O. J., that Jimmy Lee was gay, but Bell said he did not want to discuss it. In a later interview, Bell said, “Back in our day, that was the worst thing in the world that you could ever think about. An African-American man being a homosexual.”

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