Arizona AG comes up with major obstacle to Trump’s “big lie” effort in the state

Last week, former President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” suffered a pretty major setback as the right-wing, Trump supporting Arizona attorney general, Mark Brnovich, released a report that failed to find any evidence of election fraud or irregularities that would have benefited Trump’s cause at all, despite a strong effort on Brnovich’s part to uncover such findings.

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The Arizona Republic reports:

“Investigators with the office’s Election Integrity Unit suggested the county lacked adequate methods to verify voter signatures on early ballots and found holes in its chain of custody for ballots deposited in drop boxes. The report also raised questions about other election procedures, including the use of private grant money to help stage the election during a pandemic, and promised further investigation into election-related matters.”

The Republic continues:

“Overall, it made no accusations of wrongdoing on the part of any individuals and did not cite specific instances of possible crimes, though it notes that the ‘investigation is still developing in material ways. While it details potential flaws in the process, it does not provide any evidence that the election outcome would have been different. Joe Biden won Maricopa County, putting Arizona in his column and helping to seal his 2020 victory over Donald Trump.”

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According to Axios reporter Jeremy Duda, Brnovich’s findings of limited procedural flaws were likely not accurate anyway:

“When it comes to how Brnovich reached the figure that election officials on one day spent an average of just 4.6 seconds verifying each signature. Gates and Richer said he cherry-picked that from one employee, despite having access to 40 people involved in signature verification.”

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Trump himself issued a statement on March 18 demanding that Brnovich finish his investigation and find the fraud:

“When is the Attorney General of Arizona going to rule on all of the Election Fraud and large-scale Election Irregularities that wait before him? The people want to know whether or not Attorney General Brnovich is up to doing the right thing, or is it just politics as usual.”

Not finding the fraud could hurt Brnovich’s chances of securing Trump’s endorsement as he seeks to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly.

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