Sweaty Trump Complains About the Heat at Rally — Whines That the ‘First Lady’ Will Notice

So apparently it was 100 degrees at Trump’s rally on Saturday night. But let’s be careful with that quote because it comes from the same man who said that walking down a gently sloped ramp was “like an ice rink,” so it might have been 85 degrees and Trump would have said it was 100. Others said it was around 85 degrees at the time, which sounds about right for 6pm in the early evening.

Trump wore a suit because of course he did and when a person wears a suit during a heat wave, one gets red, puffy, and sweats one’s ass off, and so of course Trump did.

Most men in such a situation wear shirts, perhaps even linen shirts. But if a situation calls for it, a man can wear a suit even in “inclement weather,” just using some common sense:

Or, a man can also take his suit coat off if it is so hot that it just makes one uncomfortable. We will, of course, never see Trump in just a shirt and tie.

And some men are comfortable enough to give a speech in “bad weather,” wearing just a shirt (You will see a theme here in the man we use as the example), or an overcoat to be sure to make any event that a president is obligated to make:

But Trump wears his coat and tie in any weather unless he is about to play golf, where one cannot possibly wear a coat and tie, and then he wears a white collared shirt that literally says “President Donald J. Trump” on it with the presidential seal. Yes, he does.

During his rally on Saturday night, he made a reference to Melania noticing that he was sweating his ass and makeup off during the speech. So, he – of course, tells the audience of MAGAs that Melania will tell him that he overheated a bit and then does a dab of the towel on both sides of the face, very careful to not wipe the makeup side to side, and leaves his forehead alone, where most people would wipe hard.

Not quite. But Twitter did have a lot of fun with it:


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