Adam Kinzinger Goes SAVAGE on Brit Hume After He Whines About How Unfair the Jan 6th Hearings Are

One knows which ones are part of the official MAGA movement, the ones who are on the inside, the ones who might well be controlled, by their reactions and their timing. Brit Hume is no journalist, nor even really a commentator. Like Tucker Carlson, Hume is a man on a mission. He is joining the chorus of people on the MAGA right who aren’t paying any attention to the fact that the witnesses are all Republicans and once Trump supporters, they’re entirely focused on the fact that the Committee is made up of people picked by Nancy Pelosi.

There are only several thousand things wrong with this complaint. You will recall that the House, including Kevin McCarthy, had agreed to a 100% split down the middle investigation, subpoena power, all of it. But it was vetoed by Donald Trump. TRUMP didn’t want the Republicans involved. And even then, we were told that the Republicans would do their own investigation, remember? They never got around to it.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, the Republicans laid down 6 demands in order to have a 50-50 investigative committee. Democrats agreed to all six, leaving McConnell nowhere to hide, going from member to member, asking for a personal favor to vote against the committee.

So it takes a lot of brass to put out this tweet, as Brit Hume just did:

What a POS. As said, it’s almost as if Republicans should have said “Yes,” and joined in the investigations, except Trump prohibited it. Plenty of people unloaded on Hume:

Kinzinger has been particularly devastating.

There are fascists among us. Strong ones.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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