Paul Begala Warns of Implications of SCOTUS Taking Up Moore

Paul Begala, the former adviser to President Bill Clinton, sounded the alarm on CNN Thursday over the Supreme Court choosing to take up Harper v Moore in its next session.

Harper is a voting rights case that “challenges a decision by the North Carolina Supreme Court invalidating the maps of the state’s GOP-dominated General Assembly for partisan gerrymandering,” according to Law & Crime.

State Rep. and Speaker Tim Moore (R-NC) argued that the legislative branch has sole authority over “Times, Places and Manner of holding elections” under the U.S. Constitution. The case has potentially widespread implications that could lead to state courts and elected officials losing their ability to check state legislatures when it comes to local oversight of federal elections.

“Just today, the court agreed to hear arguments next term in a case that could upend how federal elections are conducted in almost every way. In taking this case, the justices could give almost unchecked power to state legislatures and partisan lawmakers to set the rules of how elections are conducted, potentially unchecked by state courts,” noted CNN anchor Kate Bolduan.

“And this gets to the legal doctrine that Trump and his allies tried to push to the extreme extent after the 2020 election,” she continued, referencing the push by Trump lawyer John Eastman to get specific state legislatures to decertify the 2020 election in their states.

“I mean, Paul, from your perspective, this is coming next term. How worried should people be?” she asked.

“Oh, I think they ought to be panic-stricken. I am a faithful, practicing Catholic as many members of the court are. Catholics have this doctrine of papal infallibility in special cases. The court is looking to install politician infallibility, on their elections, the state legislature’s actions would not be reviewed by their own state’s courts? That’s dictatorship! That’s madness!” Begala warned.

“Courts have reviewed state actions since the founding of the country, and now, all of a sudden, next year, take it up next year, but you hide and wait. The Republicans seem to believe that democracy doesn’t work for them, so they’re trying to end it any way that they can, the Supreme Court is at the tip of that spear,” he concluded.

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