[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Is Blaming Monkeypox On the Democrats Because Of Course She Is

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Moscow via Colorado by way of Ted Cruz’s friend’s house) isn’t smart, and we know this because she keeps showing us. Boebert recently suggested that members of Congress be given several more days to read bills, because it’s hard for her to find someone to read them to her and then explain them to her over and over until she can at least pretend to understand the points she’s going to make fun of later. She also thinks if fewer people can get access to guns to kill other people, they’ll be reduced to eventually eating their own dogs, so, do whatever you want with that knowledge. It made my own brain cry a little, so I feel you.

Now Squeaky is trying to blame the Democratic Party for a globally widespread virus that’s been around since *checks the Google* 1970, and has until recently has mostly been contained to Africa. I’m not really sure how Nancy Pelosi is personally responsible for spreading a virus that is primarily passed between cisgender gay men, but Lauren Boebert is so dumb that it’s never about logic. It’s all about the lie. Also, Squeaky has been obsessed with assassinating the Speaker of the House since she somehow got into Congress, so if she can blame Nancy Pelosi for something, she will.

Also, those glasses are totes fake. I won’t say anything about the big fake next to her. You know enough and you might also be eating, so let’s just keep moving forward here.

“We know exactly what causes this monkeypox,” Bobo said on something called BlazeTV. “And they’re not doing anything, no actually you’re a bigot if you talk about it.” She went even further down the rabbit hole, saying, “And I think it’s interesting, we have midterm elections coming up and suddenly there’s a new health emergency from the federal government,” she said sarcastically. “President Ronald Reagan – I’m not looking for zombie Reagan to come and save America – but he really did say it best. He said the most dangerous words are ‘I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help.’” Republicans just aren’t funny.

Anyway, monkeypox isn’t the Democrats’ fault just like COVID wasn’t their fault just like AIDS wasn’t their fault. But Lauren Boebert is so dumb, she just parrots whatever dumb MAGA stuff she’s told because Republicans only have complaints and dumb juvenile jokes that wouldn’t even land with kindergarteners. Squeaky is now also pushing the QAnon conspiracy that Joe Biden is a robot alien person or something. Please please please vote for smart people. Please.

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