Is The Ruling Class Creating a “False Demand” For Monkeypox Vaccines?

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Is the United States government (the ruling class) creating a false demand for the monkeypox vaccines? Since there are still only 9,000 people in the entire country who have been diagnosed with the monkeypox with the majority in one very specific demographic, are people really that terrified and easily convinced to get injected with whatever their rulers tell them?

Central Ohio’s first monkeypox (MPV) vaccine clinics have filled every available appointment as demand for the shots continues to outweigh supply.  Columbus Public Health distributed 850 total shots Thursday and Monday, a spokesperson tells Axios. But is this the truth? Does demand outweigh supply?


Considering that the virus is transmitted through close, prolonged physical contact and the incredibly vast majority of cases are in men who have sex with men, there isn’t likely to be fear based reaction amongst other demographics, unless the ruling class is trying to create a false sense of lack, creating a demand. This could be what’s going on. There may be a desire to tell the population that there’s a short supply of these shots and they should get them now as a way to panic and fear monger into taking yet another injection that they don’t need in the least.

While monkeypox can cause flu-like symptoms and a painful rash, there have been no reported deaths from it yet.

Ohio has a total of 68 confirmed cases of the monkeypox. The state has received 4,253 vaccine doses so far and clinics are targeting high-risk populations, an Ohio Department of Health spokesperson tells Axios. The state is authorized to receive another 13,560 doses over the next six weeks. That’s almost 18,000 injections for 68 cases.

So where’s the demand coming from? Are they fabricating it? The numbers just don’t work in favor of the propaganda right now. That doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, but very few seem to be asking any real questions about any of these “outbreaks” including COVID anymore.

Perhaps the most important question is why are they creating a demand for a smallpox vaccine among a specific demographic?

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