Kayleigh McEnany Either Blatantly Lies Or Doesn’t Understand English: But Does Hate Immigrants

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“Why give Kayleigh a platform?”

We get a lot of reader feedback because there’s a lot of love and loyalty between us and y’all. The question gets asked nicely. The answer is always the same. We are most certainly not giving Kayleigh McEnany a platform. She has a massive platform on the Right as someone who is still a MAGA spokeswoman and that was even before she was hired by Fox News to blast MAGA-madness.

It is the MAGA madness that must be watched closely because people like Kayleigh are the ones telling them what to believe and think. For example, would anyone on the right care about “cancel culture” were it not blasted by Fox News? No, it is similar to the “War on Christmas,” there never was a war on Christmas. There is no cancel culture. And “cancel culture” even under their definition never had anything to do with Trump and Twitter. He just couldn’t abide by anyone’s rules and was too dangerous.

So we cover Kayleigh and what she says. She lies. And she promotes herself. Surprise! But the lies are noteworthy. We have the perfect example this morning:

Umm, Kayleigh. The person in the interview incorrectly expressed the border policies. Her statement does not make Biden’s statement false. Migrants certainly believe that policies towards immigrants cannot possibly be as cruel as they were under Trump, and thus talk among potential migrants might be “Biden promised we can come,” but it reflects more upon Trump’s cruelty than anything about Biden.

Indeed, in the actual interview that Kayleigh posted, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas specifically said, “No, immigrants are not allowed to cross at this time. We are in the midst of an epidemic and immigrants are being turned at the border.”

Of course, immigrants believe that President Biden would be more accommodating, no one could be worse than Trump. Additionally, the evil “coyotes” that escort potential immigrants to the border, in search of business, have every reason to be untruthful about President Biden’s actual policies.

No, Kayleigh. It is the exact opposite. It is the Trump administration’s cruelty that kept immigrants in fear – Trump administration policies that bordered on crimes against humanity – that are responsible because any presidential change would result in increased hope.

There are three explanations for Kayleigh’s assertions, none of them exclusive of each other: One, she doesn’t understand the precise language that she’s using (unlikely, Harvard law grad). She’s trying to manipulate the situation to people that do not understand the precise language she’s using. Three, she’s looking for an opportunity to say there was no crisis on the border under Trump, but there is now.

Or all three.

But whatever her rationale, this is the message that is dominating Fox News (even though the report was on ABC News this morning, they must “balance” the news.) Good news rarely reaches the right, including reuniting children with parents, the good news regarding COVID, the stimulus, infrastructure, etc.

Peace, y’all
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