Trump’s Ex-Bodyguard is Still Waiting for Trump to Pay Him Back for a $130 McDonald’s Order

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There is something almost comically perfect about Trump and his eating habits. It is deeply, vibrantly, robustly, symbolic. The well-done steaks and ketchup, the greasy-ass Kentucky Fried chicken, and the McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fries, all of it, prove that one can put the man in the gilded tower but his most base needs and instincts lie in the gutter. That is Donald Trump.

Do not get us wrong, we challenge anyone to love them some McDonald’s cheeseburgers more than us, and there is not a french fry available in the fast-food ecosystem that competes with the perfectly salted and still hot McDonald’s french fry. But when one has the money to afford the finest of things? We would definitely spend more time exploring the masterful culinary ecosystem. Oh, and we’d lie about the sauce before we put ketchup on a steak! Filet a la rouge.

Another thing associated with Donald Trump? Not having the money to pay for his most base needs and instincts! The two perfectly symbolic characteristics clashed in Scotland when Trump stiffed his bodyguard on a McDonald’s bill. (Pro tip, if you’re going to stiff anyone in your entourage, make sure it’s not the bodyguard or it sort of defeats the purpose of having a bodyguard, feel me?)

Anyway, we’ll let Rawstory give us the raw facts here:

According to Kevin McKay, he worked for Trump in Scotland and claims that he put up with five years of “rants, arguments and temper tantrums,” and is still owed the cash for the McDonald’s food run.

In the interview, McKay described a golf outing at Trump’s golf course in Scotland that concluded with a customary trip to the burger restaurant where he said Trump’s entourage required what he estimated to be “20 cheeseburgers and fries with around 10 or 15 Coca Colas.”

According to McKay, “‘We were driving from Mr. Trump’s estate and just as we got to the Bridge of Don, he asked to stop at McDonald’s so he could buy food for the flight back to New York. We were in a convoy of six blacked out Range Rovers with about 15 men in suits inside, so there must have been some shocked expressions as we pulled up in the carpark. Mr. Trump didn’t have any UK currency – pounds – so he asked me if I could front him the cash.”

After agreeing to foot the bill, the bodyguard claims Trump told him, “You’ll get it back,’ with McKay adding, “It was a decent amount of money for me because I was earning about £2000 ($2700) a month working for Mr. Trump.”

Again, perfectly symbolic. We suspect that there are many MAGAs making about $2700-3000 a month, who also send $130 in to the MAGA man himself. They ain’t getting the money back, and they never had the good fries, to begin with.

Peace, y’all
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