An Outsider Might See GOP as Most Destructive Force on Planet

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said on Tuesday that if someone landed on earth and asked what the most destructive force on the planet is, they might look at the Republican party.

Wallace brought up vaccine hesitancy after President Joe Biden’s address on Tuesday, noting there are people hesitant about getting the vaccination for different reasons.

Dt. Kavita Patel said that communication surrounding vaccines has to make it crystal-clear to Americans that vaccinations are preventing deaths and severe hospitalizations.

“We need to get into parts of Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts, with people who are saying no way,” she added.

Wallace then brought up the GOP to ask, “When is someone in the Republican party going to rise up against those in the Republican party whose speech and language and selection of debates are still killing people?”

She brought up denunciations of vaccine passports in particular and even said this:

“The war against science. I think if someone were to parachute down here and wonder what the most sort-of destructive force on our planet is, and they landed in this country, they might look at the Republicans. To me it feels arbitrary. I’m sure it has long roots in their wars against climate science and their wars against reproductive freedom.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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