Americans Can’t Stop Laughing After Andrew Giuliani Says He Plans to Run Against Cuomo for NY Governor

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As most know, Rudy’s son Andrew Giuliani worked within the Trump White House. Despite working within the White House, we suspect that most would have a tough time naming his position. Well, perhaps none of us would know. But take pride, Andrew Giuliani was White House “sports liaison.” In other words, when pro teams or college teams might come to visit, it was Andrew who ensured that everything was perfect.

And since we know what you’ll ask, yes, we do believe that it was Andrew who ensured there was a sufficient number of Big Macs, Chicken Nuggets, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza when the NCAA champion football team visited during a period in which the government was shut down. High-stakes stuff to be sure.

Andrew navigated the pressures of $95K a year White House work with such success that he parlayed that job into a shot for the Governor’s mansion in New York. Well, how Trumpian and Giulianian. Andrew is nowhere near qualified, perhaps further from qualified than the other two, and yet on last name alone, he’s taking his shot!

Oh, and the guy looks freaky like Eric Trump and Gary Busey, to the point that some on Twitter wondered how Giuliani had the same mailman as Eric’s mom.

One would have hoped that the announcement might be satire, but one of the main rules in covering the Trump administration was that “The Onion” types of headlines always rang true.

We told you he looked like Eric Trump! Maybe a little heavier but Eric had his own “heavy period.” Regardless, Andrew is going to take his shot in the race next year. And the net let him have it:

Strange dude.

Peace, y’all
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