Boehner Recalls the Time He Absolutely Unloaded on ‘Ruthless Bastard’ Harry Reid at the White House

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Former House Speaker John Boehner, you may have heard, gets really candid in his new book, and he has a lot of anger and frustrations directed at fellow Republican (most notably Ted Cruz).

There is another incident in particular where he angrily shouted “go fuck yourself” at then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, which Boehner reflects on in his new tome.

In the first few days of 2013, Politico reported out an in-depth behind-the-scenes piece on the fiscal cliff negotiations, which included the detail that Boehner confronted Reid at the White House and told him, “Go fuck yourself.”

In his new book, per Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman, Boehner writes that he “lost it” on Reid:

“He’s been talking all kinds of shit on the Senate floor, calling the House ‘a dictatorship of the Speaker.’ I’m sorry, but fuck that. I never ran the House like a dictatorship. If I were a dictator, do you think I’d let all these members get away with screwing me over all the time? Hell no! And Reid, who was a ruthless bastard, knew exactly what he was doing.”

The former speaker says he walked right up to Reid before a White House meeting and said, “Do you even listen to all that shit that comes out of your mouth? You can go fuck yourself.”

“I guess he wasn’t used to people getting in his face like that,” Boehner adds. “I guess he was taken aback that someone had called him out on his bullshit.”

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