Brutal and Humiliating Billboard Appears in His District

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As everyone knows, Matt Gaetz faces an avalanche of issues, from trafficking to underage charges, to paying for [email protected] aka soliciting, to possible charges for pictures released without women’s consent, and a conspiracy involving a Florida tax auditor that could include a multitude of other crimes. Yes, he has issues and one would have had to have been hiding under a rock in the Australian outback for the last month to have not heard every disgusting detail. And Matt didn’t help himself much by immediately going on Tucker Carlson to give what even Tucker called the craziest interview he had ever done, which is a bad sign.

So things aren’t looking up for Matt.

Two days ago, Matt did pen an op-ed in the Washington Examiner that managed to sound as unhinged as one might expect from Matt. He called all this political, that it wasn’t his job to live like a monk, that he was a representative of Congress, and that these charges weren’t really against him, but that the feds were coming for you. Given that the feds were coming for you, Gaetz was fearlessly standing in the way to protect you.

The thing is? Yes, the feds will come for you if you do the type of things that Matt Gaetz has done.

It appears that some in this country are unwilling to trust the criminal justice system to take care of Matt and want to ensure that he’s never elected every again. One would think that it wouldn’t be an issue, but we’re talking about Florida’s First District here and, well, you know. So, to that end, we have the ultimate shame by billboard:

Oh, ouch. Ouch ouch. Yes, Gaetz denies the underage “date,” but it keeps coming up and it would seem to be pretty obvious to disprove, so …

What a freakshow and what a creepy billboard. But good to know. Girldads around the country would prefer to have the faces on billboards than hiding behind anonymity.

Peace, y’all
[email protected] and on Twitter @JasonMiciak

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