Gaetz’s office releases weird letter from the “women” who work for him without a single signature

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So far, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has done an impressively terrible job of extricating himself from his sordid sex scandal. The Department of Justice is investigating him for the possible sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl and rather than figuring out a normal way to deny the allegations, he decided to roll out a bizarre, fanciful story about his family being extorted for millions of dollars by a former DOJ official. It made little sense and did even less to convince the country of his innocence.

Now, in a pathetic bid to clear his name Gaet’z office has released a letter supposedly from “the women” who work for him. The letter states that the women in question find the allegations to be “shocking” and so they “feel morally obligated to speak out.” It goes on to insist that Gaetz is a “principled and morally grounded leader,” a ridiculous characterization of the man that can be instantly dispelled by queuing up any one of his detestable pro-MAGA Fox News appearances. The gist of the entire missive is that Gaetz respects women, did nothing wrong, and should be trusted.

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Notably, not a single one of these supposed women signed their names to the letter. It’s as if they were ashamed to be associated with it or—perhaps more likely—there are no women behind it and Gaetz cooked it up himself to shore up his defense. If that was the goal then he missed the mark, because many Twitter users, including CNN’s Jake Tapper, immediately pointed out the fact that there are no names other than Gaetz’s mentioned on the letter. As far as defense letters go, this one is laughably bad.

Clearly, the Florida Congressman is growing desperate. At this point, there’s nothing left to do but wait and see where the DOJ investigation goes. Given what we know about the man, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising to learn he’s a vile sex criminal. Just look at the way he fawns over Donald Trump, the most infamous sexual predator in the world. And even if through some surprising twist it turns out Gaetz is innocent, the man still belongs nowhere near the levers of power. If he doesn’t go to prison he needs to be voted out of office.

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