Psaki Keeps Her Record Perfect

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This will likely be the first of two or three Jen Psaki columns today. Somehow, she continues to grow in stature to the point that Leslie Jones tweeted today that she has a crush on Jen Psaki (Get in line.) and Psaki continues to pile up victory after victory, winning more fans and becoming an underground legend.

Moreover, Jen Psaki seems to have her own favorite targets in what is – let’s be honest – a very target-rich environment. No one has proven more reliable than Steven Nelson of the New York Post, with the possible exception of Peter Doocy. Nelson can be counted upon to serve up idiotic questions intended to do nothing more than get a cool quote for the next day’s column, one that can be taken entirely out of context.

Yesterday, Nelson wanted the White House’s take on Kaitlyn Jenner’s proposed run for the California governor’s office as a Republican. Psaki might have wanted to note that the White House generally doesn’t comment on campaigns that are not even official campaigns yet. Clearly, Nelson wanted a comment on Trans rights, something to upset the Post readers who look to be upset about Trans issues generally. As per usual, Nelson just cannot play at this level and it didn’t work the way he intended:

Watch how beautifully Psaki handles being pushed into a corner. From Mediaite:

“According to a report yesterday in Axios, we may soon have a prominent transgender gubernatorial candidate,” Nelson said. “It would be a Republican, Caitlyn Jenner, in California. And I’m not asking…”

Psaki interrupted to ask “Are you announcing her run?”

“No, no. I’m just announcing an Axios report,” Nelson replied.

Will you still wear a mask even if your state doesn’t mandate it?

“Are you working for her?” a smiling Psaki cracked.

“I’m not,” Nelson said, then continued “But — and I’m not asking you to endorse anyone, but I was wondering if the White House welcomes this apparent LGBT milestone?”

“We certainly would welcome the freedom of any — any human participating in the democratic process to run for office, of course, and including, of course, transgender members of our society.

It was not a milestone, other Trans candidates have run, perhaps not at that level. But do note that Jen is never done teaching, poking at why a reporter would be asking about the White House’s thoughts regarding a non-announced candidate. She knew that Nelson was simply looking for a quote on the LGTBQ issue.

It is just not going to happen in Psaki’s press room. The legend grows. And this is just the first Psaki story of the day.

Peace, y’all
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