Tucker Carlson Has the Nerve to Defend Capitol Rioters as ‘Old People From Unfashionable Zip Codes’

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Our readers know that we’ve focused on a pattern over the last week or two. The effort to “put the Capitol siege behind us” has sped up. It involves different elements, different strategies. From downplaying the actual violence, “most people stayed outside,” “no one had guns,” “there were some Antifa members dressed like MAGAs,” and on and on.

There is also a more media-centered approach, in which the Capitol siege is compared to the BLM protests over the summer and comes up lacking. Moreover, they often say that they were allowed into the Capitol “invited” is the world used. Last, there is a concerted effort to steer Trump’s social media bans away from the insurrection to Trump’s lies (because they say that Biden lies). Trump was kicked off social media for lying! (No, it was the insurrection that was the last straw.)

Additionally, it just never comes up on the Right. Or when it does come up, it is to be minimized. Tucker Carlson is actively defending the rioters by saying that the perpetrators are being treated too harshly:

“For those of you who are not good at dates or don’t have calendars, this is the day that we pause to remember the white supremacist QAnon siege, that came so very close to toppling our government and ending this democracy forever.

 “You saw what happened. It was carried live on television, every gruesome moment. A mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes somehow made it all the way to Washington, D.C., probably by bus. They wandered freely through the Capitol like it was their building or something. They didn’t have guns, but a lot of them had extremely dangerous ideas.

Officer Sicknick found something more than dangerous ideas, as did the officer that lost an eye. And it damned well was a dangerous idea.

“They talked about the Constitution and something called their rights. Some of them made openly seditious claims. They insisted, for example, that the last election wasn’t entirely fair. The whole thing was terrifying, and then, as you’ve been told so very often, they committed unspeakable acts of violence.”

So Tucker seems to think this is less of a big deal because the perpetrators were from poor areas? Good luck to our Black brothers and sisters making that argument.

The whole thing was entirely terrifying, ask Mike Pence or Kevin McCarthy. The last election was as fair as the 2016 election, the one in which Hillary conceded early the next morning. The MAGAs didn’t like the number of people who voted. Too many black people voted.

In other words, shut up, Tucker. Keep washing, keep washing. We need to keep watching, keep watching. It was more than a demonstration of rights, and no – the election was entirely fair, ask Georgia and Arizona and their many recounts – or Wisconsin.


Peace, y’all
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