Fox Contributor Calls for Dr. Fauci to Be FIRED for Not Talking to Jim Jordan With Respect

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We reported on the blistering exchange between Dr. Fauci and Rep. Jim Jordan. To save space and time, we will simply reprint a part of our article that sets out the exchange, it was rather impressive:

As Fauci spoke about how infection rates will go down and “there will be more flexibility” with more people being vaccinated, Jordan repeatedly pressed him to pinpoint a specific number at which coronavirus-related restrictions will be lifted.

“What number do we get our liberties back?” Jordan said. “Tell me the number!”

Historians will wonder how it was that Dr. Fauci didn’t give Jordan the number of times he could go f-himself.

Clyburn tried to be helpful:

“When 90 percent of the members of Congress get vaccinated,” Clyburn interjected.

“You’re not a doctor Mr. Clyburn. He is,” Jordan responded. “What is the number?”

If Jordan was limiting his concerns to “freedoms” in Congress, we’re going to be angrier than we thought. We don’t have a lot of sympathy for Congress’s lack of freedoms, especially Jordan, since he was a major player in ensuring this disease got out of hand. If Jordan is talking about freedoms in society, he needs to talk to all those MAGAs refusing to be vaccinated or wear a mask.

At that point, Waters and Clyburn tag-teamed Jordan:

“I want my question answered!” The two of them kept shouting at each other until Waters got involved and told Jordan “You need to respect the chair and shut your mouth!”

“Don’t worry about this. We’re going to handle this,” Clyburn followed up. He noted shortly thereafter that Jordan’s time had expired.


Now, on Friday, appearing on Fox and Friends, contributor Charles Hurt ripped on Fauci, as if Fauci set all this off, for what Hurt deemed to be Fauci’s “high-handed” approach to the congressman’s questioning. “High-handed” might mean “scientifically-based” in this context. We will look into it. Here is what Hurt said:

“This is the one opportunity for Jim Jordan, who represents 800,000 Ohioans who paid Dr. Fauci’s salary, to ask some basic questions about the decisions Dr. Fauci has made that has altered their life probably more than any other single person in American history — especially for somebody who’s never been elected,” Hurt said. He added, “And Dr. Fauci gets high-handed with Jim Jordan?! The representative of 800,000 people that Dr. Fauci works for who pay his salary? He accuses Jim Jordan of ranting by asking these questions? This is a really screwed up situation.”

Hurt went on to state that he thinks Thursday’s hearing provided grounds for Fauci’s dismissal.

“Dr. Fauci should be fired for a lot of reasons, but he should be fired for this,” Hurt said. “For this kind of disdain — not for Jim Jordan — but for the 800,000 Ohioans who pay his salary that Jim Jordan represents.”

Fauci has “disdain” for Jim Jordan because Jim Jordan continues to ask questions that cannot be answered with a scientific basis. Dr. Fauci doesn’t know how many MAGAs will wear masks, get the shot, do the things needed to alleviate the need to continue to abate the disease. Dr. Fauci is approaching this like a public health problem, Jim Jordan is approaching it like a pain in the ass.

Here is what Jim Jordan doesn’t appreciate. He has any number of MAGAs in his district now – the “800,000” people – that want him trashing Fauci because they want their freedoms back and will act in accordance with those freedoms. And in six weeks to two months, they will be either dead or be facing a $250,000 ICU bill with scarred lungs and hearts.

It takes an adult to understand adult things and that sometimes we have to save up our rewards for hard work. Some MAGAs seem to want what they want and they want it now. We wonder where they ever got that sort of theme from.

Peace, y’all
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