OAN Cuts from Lin Wood Speech After He Cites QAnon as Savior

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One time Trump attorney Lin Wood spoke at the weekend’s Health and Freedom Conference which was carried live by One America News (OAN), but even the very pro-Trump cable outlet cut away from his comments as he referenced QAnon as some sort of spiritual savior.

The conservative conference reportedly drew thousands of attendees from around the nation and featured a who’s who of pro-Trump speakers like General Michael Flynn among many other conspiracy theorists.

After speaking about his four divorces (and how that’s less than King David) Wood revealed how God forgave him and how, when the time comes that He’s ready and you’ve been learning, God would save all those in attendance too. Then he paused briefly and told the crowd “now catch this next move,” before saying “He’s going to rebirth you into the spirit world and create exactly the person that he intended you to be,” while drawing the letter “Q” with his finger.

In the event that symbolism was missed by anyone in attendance, Wood explained “there’s the ‘Q’” which delighted the audience so much that they rose to their feet in applause. It was at this point, however, where Wood’s speech appeared to be even too much for OAN who cut away from the speech to report on other news of the day.

The Q as spiritual savior moment wasn’t even the strangest part of Wood’s speech. As Twitter account PatriotTakes points out, Wood also suggested that all critics of Trump should be put in front of a firing squad and killed for “committing acts against humanity.”

Over the course of the last several years, Wood had frequently appeared on Fox News and defended Nick Sandmann in his defamation suit against CNN. But recently his comments and political positions appeared even too outlandish for basic cable news, and he has been relegated to QAnon-centric conferences.

Watch above via OAN.

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