Bodycam Video of Columbus Police Officer Shows Shots Fired To Prevent Stabbing of Another Person – RedState

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Earlier this evening the Columbus, Ohio Police Department conducted a press conference to play for the media the Bodycam video taken by the camera worn by the officer who fired the fatal shots in the death of young girl during an altercation in the front yard of a home.

Warning — the video is graphic and depicts the death of a minor female, age 15 years old.  She has been identified in the media by family members as Ma’Khia Bryant.

The first thing to note is that the Officer arrived on the scene only seconds before he was confronted with a “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” situation.  There were numerous people in the front of the house around twp parked cars, with a confrontation already underway.

From the moment he arrives he askes several times “What’s going on?”  Directly in front of him two females engage in hand-to-hand fisticuffs, with one female going to the ground at his feet.  It appears that the second female in that confrontation moves away from him and the Officer turns his attention in her direction to pursue her as it appeared that she was the aggressor in the first confrontation.

It seems clear that he observed some potential deadly threat as he turned because he withdrew his firearm and began yelling “Get down, get down” to those assemble.

The aggressor from the first altercation then attacks a second female wearing a neon pick jumpsuit up against the passenger side door of a car parked in the driveway, and has her pinned in place.  At that moment the aggressor has her right arm and hand pulled back and there is a knife or some other weapon in her right hand.  At that moment the officer fires four shots, striking the subject with the knife or other object and she falls to the ground while her intended victim escapes towards the house.

A still image from the video shows what appears to be long kitchen knife on the ground next to the deceased girl just after she was shot.


Here is a still image captured from the video of which shows the deceased girl with the knife in her hand about to swing it into her intended victim just before the Officer fired.


It seems quite likely that the Columbus Police Department held this press conference in order to publicize this video as protests have been forming in downtown Columbus as night fell.  Antifa and BLM seem to both be on the scene as well a large number of protesters.

There is simply no question that this was a justified shooting.  The Police Officers were responding to a call that persons were at the location attempting to stab others.  Within seconds of arriving, the Officer observed a physical assault, and then spotted a deadly weapon in the hands of the aggressor.  He did what the law obligated him to do — he acted to protect the girl in the bright pink outfit from having deadly force used against her by Bryant.


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