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by Ray Jason, The Burning Platform:

The realization hit me like a bolt of mental lightning. The bastards are GOING FOR THE GUIDESTONES! They are betting that their long campaign to dumb down the global population combined with their evil-eye surveillance grid, will now allow them to stomp Humanity into total submission.

These soulless predators, who I scornfully and gleefully, describe as our Malignant Overlords, are not particularly motivated by greed. They all have more than enough money. What they truly desire is POWER – the sickest variety – the type that allows them to utterly control the lives of ordinary people.

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 Yet, even that is not enough to satisfy the desires of the most wicked of them. They find the common people so loathsome, that they would prefer to eliminate the vast majority of them. Their scheme is to transform the planet into a 21st century Techno-Feudalism – but with an enormously reduced population.

A tiny core of self-proclaimed Elites would rule. Beneath them, the Technicians would run the computers, the robots and the Artificial Intelligence. The next level down would be the Enforcers. The Police and the Military who would provide security for The Despised at the top.

At the very bottom would be the Neo-slaves of the global Cyber-plantation. They would struggle to exist at even a subsistence level. They would be forced to do the undesirable work that even the robots would refuse to perform. Their income would barely support them; and their pastimes and pleasures would be dictated by the World Government via their mandatory, personal screens.

These devices would also monitor everything about them – their movements, bank accounts, vaccine compliance, health status, etc. These “miracle devices” could even discover any dangerous anti-government proclivities.

With this control grid in place, the oppressors could convert the entire planet into one gigantic Club Med – or should that be Club Mad – for themselves. They would no longer have to share the ski slopes at Aspen with the little people. The French Riviera would be cleansed of the riff-raff. Only the powerful would travel by air or enjoy sea cruises. That is the true intention of the U.N.’s Agenda 21/2030. It would convert Earth into a resort for the rich – and a gulag for the rest.

When that flash of recognition jolted me, I suddenly realized that after many decades of careful preparation, the Malignant Overlord’s had finished setting the trap. Now, they were about to spring it. Their Georgia Guidestones moment had arrived.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with this strange monument that stands 16 feet tall, sneering down at the lesser people, that is to be expected. After all, every single day you are being simmered in a toxic sludge of industrial grade propaganda. Your controllers want you misinformed, confused, terrified and incapable of resistance.

BTW, these so-called Guidestones are the perfect rebuttal to the claim that “there are no secret cabals of powerful men conspiring for world domination.” These gigantic granite slabs were designed and financed by an “anonymous person, who represented a clandestine group that never revealed itself.” And it has now been over 40 years since those mysterious modern Ten Commandments were placed in a north Georgia pasture.

The very first edict, which is carved into the granite – in EIGHT different languages – states “Maintain Humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with Nature.” The “in perpetual balance with Nature” phrase seems admirable. However, the 500 million number sickens me. I suspect that the other 7.5 billion humans, who would have to be eliminated, are also appalled by this directive.

A normal person might interject at this point that nobody is so evil that they wish to kill the vast majority of the people on Earth. But you believe that because you possess “decency bias.” You are blessed with compassion, empathy and the tendency to “live and let live.” You don’t wish to rule anyone’s life, and you certainly don’t wish to rule everyone’s life.

But tragically, there is a subset of homo sapiens that doesn’t just desire control over others, they crave it! And what makes this addiction even more horrific is their ability to delude themselves with the lie that their control freak sickness is actually for “the Greater Good.”

They are so convinced of their personal superiority and the nobility of their cause, that they feel no guilt in subjecting people to gruesome, joy-trampling domination. Don’t forget, we are only a couple of decades removed from a century that witnessed the deaths of hundreds of millions of people at the hands of their cold-blooded leaders.

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