Jim Acosta Calls Out ‘Fox’s Chief White Power Correspondent’ Tucker Carlson for Reaction to Chauvin Verdict

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Tucker Carlson had a horrible week. He further exposed his obvious white nationalism and topped it off with some maniacal laughter, two straight nights, that had people openly posting that he had entirely “lost it” and needed help.

Acosta began by describing Laura Ingraham’s response, one that we covered here, but then quickly moved on to his target, Tucker Carlson. Anyone who saw the video of Tucker’s show Tuesday night could see that Tucker was clearly upset about the verdict, to the point that he was hyped-up, almost hyperventilating, saying the verdict was a product of a jury and city afraid of being burned to the ground in response. It couldn’t be that the nine-minute video exposed what happened for what it was? From Mediaite showing Acosta:

How about Tucker Carlson, who in the wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict showed us all what’s under the hood?”

Carlson’s comments about the verdict, claiming that the jury was begging “please don’t hurt us” in response to “nearly a year of burning and looting and m*rder by BLM,” were widely panned as racist and contrary to the facts of the case.

“But let’s be real,” said Acosta. “Tucker Carlson’s anger wasn’t about the actions of a police officer who m*rdered a man but about the guilty verdict. Or as Carlson, Fox’s chief white power correspondent described the decision, ‘please don’t hurt us.’”

Showed us what is under the hood? That is strong strong language for one network anchor to throw at another. Then Tucker describes something we’ve not seen, “nearly a year of burning and looting”? Where? When? How did that happen? We remember some issues last summer, we don’t remember a year of it keeping people in fear.

Moreover, BLM had less to do with the burning than did anarchists, Antifa, and the Proud Boys that went out to meet them. We all remember the video of the white agitator, dressed perfectly so as not to be identifiable by drones, cameras, or people around him, breaking windows at businesses. Something more was going on.

But as Acosta says, Tucker was angry about the guilty verdict, not about the fact that a black man laid dead under a knee.

Yet it was Tucker’s mannerism and visceral reaction, even more than his words, which exposed him for what he is. A virulent racist with a television program and an agenda, one very disturbed at the direction of the country, police accountability.

Peace, y’all
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