Who Else Wants To Defund The Police, And Why?

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by TheDarkMan, The Duran:

The mantra parroted by Black Lives Pampered and others that the police should be defunded is regarded by many right wing pundits and even ordinary people as insane, but as pointed out here, the idea isn’t entirely without merit.

However, the massive rise in crime in certain cities, Seattle for example, does suggest the people who are actually defunding the police are going about it the wrong way. What though if rather than combat excessive state control of the nation, some of the people encouraging this defunding want to increase it? If that idea sounds contradictory, some people like Tim Pool and other independent voices have suggested it isn’t.

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No sooner had the Democrats stolen the election than they set about imposing what can only be viewed as a totalitarian agenda. They are intent on packing the Supreme Court with “liberals”, making Washington D.C. a state, and most sinister of all, rigging the electoral system to make it virtually impossible for Republicans ever to win again. In short, they are seeking to control elections at a national level. Defunding the police will lead to law and order being likewise controlled nationally, in other words the Federal Government will control everything.

The political structure of the United States is very different from say Britain. Although every county has its own police force, and Scotland has its own legal system, a man suspected of committing a murder in say Cornwall who is arrested in Essex, Wales, or north of the border will be taken directly back to the West Country where he will appear before a local magistrate. As Britain is a relatively small country with a much smaller population, that isn’t a problem. In the United States however, someone arrested in New York State on suspicion of committing a crime in California – as was Angela Davis – must be extradited, and that extradition can be opposed.

In this connection, it is best to view the United States not as one country but as fifty separate states each with its own laws. Texas was actually an independent republic between 1836 and 1846. Attempts at extradition are not always successful. Leaving that aside, do you as an American citizen, want decisions made about your community at a local level or by people in Washington, politicians, or even worse, bureaucrats, who know little about you and care even less?

If local police forces are defunded, will the country dissolve into chaos, or will something else happen? The answer is the Federal Government will step in, and will take effective control of everything. If you don’t think so, you need to open your eyes, because the United States is already being subjected to the biggest power grab in its history.

Direct rule from Washington will mean the end of consent by the governed. Biden, or whoever is pulling his strings, has already issued a plethora of executive orders, while the politicisation of both the FBI and the State Department is resulting in the persecution of anyone who opposes the new agenda, starting with Trump supporters, but don’t think for one moment it will end there.

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