Does Video Showing Asian American Student Punched by Black Teen Tell Full Story? [WATCH]

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*The parents of an Asian American teen who was recorded being assaulted during an Amateur Athletic Union tournament game is speaking out about how the staff failed to intervene. 

The AAU game between the South Bay Snipers and the San Francisco Generals took place in Oakland, California on Saturday (May 1). The now-viral video appears to show an unidentified Black kid from another team punching his opponent Evan during a match. The media is using the incident to further push its anti-Black agenda by claiming the “attack” is another example of Black on Asian hate crime.”

But inquiring minds want to know if the media is telling the full story?

Per filmmaker Tariq Nasheed, what they fail to leave out is the Asian kid kept flagrantly fouling the Black players, and wasn’t getting called for it. The Blacks kids responded by pushing Evan off of them. This could explain why no one intervened because they agreed that the Asian kid was wildin’ out.

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Now the media is spinning this into more Anti-Asian propaganda. 

Nasheed shared the slow-motion clip below of the replay of the Asian kid violently fouling the Black kid on the floor. “That Asian kid was repeatedly being the aggressor and when the Black kids tried to defend themselves from his aggression, the media spun this to make him the victim, to fit the agenda,” Nasheed tweeted.

Meanwhile, per Complex, Evan’s parents Lennie and Eduardo, said that no one in the audience, including the other parents, “stood up to go protect my son.”

The family also claims some of the opposing team’s players used “the ‘C’ word.” Eduardo added, “Two-thirds of the team are Asian.” 

“Several of the boys said they were using a lot of profanity using the ‘B’ word using the ‘C’ word,” said Olivia. “How was a technical foul not called when he was obviously punching him in the face? They said, ‘Oh, we saw what happened,’ and I was pressing them because I said, ‘If you saw what happened, you should not let that go!’”

Evan was left with a concussion following the assault, and his parents reportedly plan to file a police report on the incident.

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