Where is Kellyanne Conway Now? In Nebraska Working For Herbster

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Former White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway once sat at the pinnacle of power in the United States as counselor to the leader of the free world, but where is she now, a hundred days after Donald Trump’s presidency ended in the shadow of a deadly insurrection?

Conway left the Trump administration last August, and was a relatively early Trumpworld acknowledger of President Joe Biden’s victory over her former boss, conceding in early December that “If you look at the vote totals in the Electoral College tally, it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail,” and in January said, of the Capitol Insurrection, that “Last week was vulgar. There’s no place for violence and vandalism, and I wish the president had spoken with the people earlier to get them the hell out of there.”

But Conway is back to trading on her old boss, albeit at a fair distance from the center of power from which she has descended. Last week, she began campaigning for a Republican donor named Charles Herbster, who is running to replace term-limited Governor Pete Ricketts as the chief executive of the state of Nebraska.

Conway referenced her former employer when she spoke at Herbster’s (sorry, fans of dill, sage, and parsley, the H is not silent) announcement, telling the crowd
“I know a little bit about successful businessmen, political outsiders, who really do not need this crap. And will run for all the right reasons. Charles does not need this job. He needs, you need him to have this job so you can keep your jobs.”

And Conway was on the stump with Herbster later in the week, speaking to tens of supporters in the Scotts Bluff GOP.

You might also find it surprising that Herbster’s campaign in Nebraska will be focused on building a border wall, as he told the Nebraska Star-Tribune:

Despite being about 1,500 miles to the Mexican border, Herbster said immigration would be a critical focus of his campaign and administration.

“We got to build a damn wall. You can’t have a country if you’re going to let everybody keep coming in,” he said.

But as the Star-Tribune notes, the outgoing governor — another Trump ally — doesn’t appear to be in Herbster’s corner.

Watch above via KMTV 3.

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